Infinity Garage Equipment

Infinity Group, A business entity committed to deliver the best in products and service to its customers, has today taken a leadership position in the West African Tyre Industry. Infinity Group has it’s presence of more than 32 years in Nigeria & 12 years in Ghana and have established professional Service Centers, along with an enviable Sales Network, in the automotive industry with special focus on Automotive Tyres, Batteries, Garage Equipment and Auto Parts.

Wheel Alignment Machine

  • Unique Align+ software.
  • Microsoft Windows7 compatibility Alignment program.
  • Compatible with Alignment Pit.
  • Simultaneous Front and Rear wheel alignment (4×4).
  • Setback / Thrust angle compensation.
  • Unlimited memory for vehicle specifications.
  • Power failure data protection.
  • Animated pictorial display of angles during alignment.
  • Two Color Bar display for adjustment of all angles.
  • Quick Wheel Alignment program by user defined.
  • Rear Setback & Track width difference.
  • Data Manager Software for storing alignment results.
  • 3-D Pictorial & Two color text printout.
  • Lift level compensation.
  • Multi-lingual program & voice prompt.


Tyre changing Machines

The pedal-controlled tilt back post of this tyre changer and the four ergonomic pedals stand for user-friendly operation.

  • Suitable for Car and LCV Tyres.
  • Motorcycle adopter (Optional).
  • Pneumatic Twin Cylinders for firm clamping.
  • Four Jaw self centering chuck.
  • Alloy Wheel Plastic protector for jaws.
  • Individual pedal for Tubeless tyre Inflation.
  • Pneumatic locking of Hexagonal shaft.
  • Built-in Air Tank for Tubeless operation.
  • Bead breaking by pneumatically operated cylinders.
  • Built-in FRL (Filter, Regulator and Lubricator).
  • Individual pedal for vertical column tilting.
  • Sliding horizontal arm with pneumatic locking system.
  • Individual pedal for Tubeless tyre Inflation.
  • Tubeless tyre operation with Inflating device and Manometer.

Nitrogen Filling Equipment

Specifically designed various models for car / light truck / heavy truck operations, to fill large volume tyres in short span of time.

  • Suitable for Cars / Light Trucks / Heavy Trucks.
  • Automatic tyre inflation under set-up pressure.
  • Automatic alarm for any error & work finish.
  • Record last time setting data.
  • Audible and Visual of end of Nitrogen Generation and Inflation.
  • Large Back-light LED for indicating pressure & time.
  • Automatic vacuum generator to extract air out from the tyre.
  • Two Sets of large capacity CMS filter.
  • Two Stage per-filters for water/oil separator.
  • High precision water/oil separator suitable for heavy pressure.
  • 70 liters tank inside and in Truck model only:130 liters tank outside as standard .
  • 220 liters N2 tank external (Optional).

Wheel Balancing machine

Professional Wheel Balancer with 15.5” LED monitor suitable for 10”-24” rim dia and maximum 65 kg wheel weight.

  •  LED Monitor/7 Segment LED display.
  •  Static & Dynamic balancing.
  •  Simultaneous display of Inner and Outer plane results.
  •  Two modes of measurement – Normal & Fine.
  •  Five modes of Alloy wheel functions.
  •  Self checking, on-line ERROR display facility.
  •  Dimension setting in “INCH” or “MM”.
  •  Self calibration Automatic distance input mechanism.
  •  Mid-centering device for positioning & Rim accuracy.
  •  Manual brake for holding the wheel during weight modification.

Car Lifting Equipment

  • Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift (4.5 Tons ) Floor surface mounted version, suitable for wheel alignment and Tyre service  work. It is designed to maximize the workshop productivity and make easier to work all around without obstacles.
  • Four post Lift (4.5 Tons) is a Ideal solution where work space is limited. Provides ample space around the vehicle for working. The wheel free lift allows a better access to vehicle underside and all operations requiring wheel free situations (e.g. change of tyres, brake and suspensions overhaul, etc).
  • Two Post Lift : Automobile lift with electro mechanical or Electro Hydraulic operations used to lift vehicles upto 3.2 ton/4 ton capacity. Asymmetrically designed posts for easy door opening.
  • Hydro pneumatic Single Post Car wash Lift 4 tons capacity.

Other Equipment

Air inflators
  • Digital Air inflators for car sub truck and buses.
  • Manual Air inflators for car sub truck and buses.

Air compressors
  • Reciprocating Air Compressor with 5HP and & 7,5 HP range.

AC Equipment
  • Ac gas recycling machine with Automatic Operation.

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